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Nippon ecological school of Japanese language is one of the best in teaching languages and is highly recommended by the people for learning purposes. Contact us for Japanese language course in Islamabad and all over Pakistan.

Korean language course in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Korean language course in Islamabad:

Language is the most effective medium for communication. Without having a language it would be very difficult for the human being to understand what they are trying to say. When a person is in his toddler stage he learns the first language and it is called as his native language and in the same language he utters his first word. As he grew up and he traveled to other regions where there are people who are native to any other language can cause him a barrier in communication. Therefore he tries to learn that language too, because it becomes an essential requirement for communication.

Learning Korean language course in Islamabad:

For example a person is traveling to Korea and for that they must know how to speak Korean language to communicate effectively with the people. Nippon ecological school of Japanese language is one of the best in teaching languages and is highly recommended by the people for learning purposes.

Korean language:

Korean language is spoken by almost 78 million people all around the world. This language has its own charm and is one of the most popular languages of Asia. It is basically the national language of both NORTH as well as South Korea. Sejong the Great, who was the head of the national writing system commission in the 15th century. The system is now called Hangul. Along with the development of the Hangul, Korean had used Hanja and phonetic systems like Hyangchal, Gugyeol and IDU. But the Hangul system has become the most dominant among the others. 


There are many institutes and online services are available for the learning of Korean language, but the most effective that I have found is from www.oec.gov.pk 

Prelaminar training period :

Minimum 45 hours. 

Korean language education.

Understanding Korean culture.

Understanding of the employment permit system. 

Basic industrial training.

Education of industry. 

The Korean language course in Islamabad and all over Pakistan, can be taken by three kinds of moods and they are as follows. 

Mood 1:

Face to face learning : 

This type of learning can be done at a particular place where the teacher and student gathers to have face to face contact. 

Mood 2 :

Virtual classes :

Face to face class through online video conferences can be done in learning Korean language. 

Mood 3 :

Self paced learning class :

This type of learning can be done by mobile application or through the website. 

Under the supervision of www.oec.gov.pk/service , you would be able to learn Korean language effectively. They will work and help you around in getting full knowledge of language to ensure best communication and no barrier in speaking to native people of Korean language. 

Learning process:

In the learning process the main thing is your input, how much you are willing to learn the language.  The first thing is to set a goal in your mind in order to achieve it. After setting a goal then working for it, this will definitely help you get success. Without having a goal in mind and passion for doing the task you can’t achieve your desired destination. Therefore one must have a clear cut idea in mind of what he is going to do.

Learning course:

Korean language learning courses can be categorized for different age group people, families, corporations or for business purposes. 

For example we have to make small kids learn Korean language, we will do it by some simple techniques that will make their learning full of fun. Different methods are adopted and they are as follows.

Steps involved :

    • The first step for kids is to carry out story telling activity. Kids always like listening to stories, which can be effective in learning a new language. 
    • The next step includes a bit of testing of kids in order to see their progress. Therefore, some basic quizzes and puzzles can help in this regard.
    • Language games for easy and quick learning of kids.
    • New and daily usage words everyday for getting a grip on the language. 
    • Fluency development course like extempore in the Korean language.

Team of instructors :

The instructors we have are highly qualified and are experienced ones. In order to become an instructor at the www.oec.gov.pk/service they have to pass through a strict criteria. The criteria is a strict one because there is no compromise over the quality of teaching. Following are some of the most important criteria for being selected as an instructor.

    1. Having qualification at teaching Korean language. 
    2. Having a fair bit of experience in teaching a Korean language course.
    3. The instructor must be native to Korean language. 

On the basis of these criteria, instructors are judged before the initial course as well as periodic bases after having a student feedback

Course content for learning Korean language :

www.oec.gov.pk/service has developed a  course content with a great variety of learning the language. The course contains different programs for different categories. Let for an example for an industrial specific program there are several aids that help in learning the language. These learning aids help around the students to have a quick learning process and have success in their purpose of learning. 

Demo classes are also being provided in order to make students believe that they are at the right place for learning the Korean language. The method of teaching is based on neuroscience that will help in learning the language effectively. We have students from all around the world which take part in the learning process and are fully satisfied from the method and level of teaching.

Takeaway :

 www.oec.gov.pk/service is definitely one of the best platforms for learning the Korean language.  It is a basic need to learn Korean language in order to get a visa or job in Korea. Therefore, if you are planning to live in Korea or find a job in Korea you must learn Korean language, which will definitely give you an upper hand over the other foreign people who are there for job purposes. Also for learning language you can consider Nippon ecological school of Japanese language offering Korean language course in Islamabad & Rawalpindi Pakistan.

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